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Military designs are detailed, professional and involves experience and dedication to fine art mixed with passionate support for the US military. 

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com has created design stages, using our Rules of Engagement, with specific goals aimed at helping and producing the finest military shirts for your unit, squadron, CPOA, FCPOA, SCPOA, JEA or command in the business.

  1. Provide the best communication possible between our customers and the art team at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com.
  2. Achieve the highest standard of design for our military clients.
  3. Createaccuracyin achieving the best military designs.
  4. Createefficiencyin delivering the best military designs in a system of protocols that produces the highest level of military graphics in the industry.

The process of creating intricate military designs stands at the front of what Vision-Strike-Wear.Com does and providing the level of detail is what separates them from other companies that will not rise to the level of military shirts and gifts our troops deserve.


  1. A deposit of is made. You will be provided with information to make a deposit.

Q – What is the deposit and what is it for and is it refundable?

A – The deposit is the start of a wonderful working relationship with Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and signals strong interest with our customers that they want the very best military designs and are serious about getting it. The deposit is not refundable and is applied to the balance and reduces the final total when payment is due.

NOTE: ALL ARTWORK – Artwork developed or completed by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is owned exclusively by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. Creation of requested artwork by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com for its customers does not imply or transfer artwork rights to its customer.  Reproduction of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com artwork in part or whole is reserved and may not be reproduced without written permission of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com.

Cancellations – Cancellations requests after any work is performed will be charged for. This includes any artwork or pre-production items such as molds/tooling, shirts, and apparel. Any and ALL costs associated with work performed in part or full will be charged accordingly.

NOTE: All cancellations are subject to a $50.00 administration cancellation fee in addition to any costs incurred by our company prior to any cancellation performed in writing. This amount will be deducted from any balance prior to returns of refund.

Transfer of Artwork

Artwork that is transferred at the request of our customers will be billed a single amount of $950.00. All requests will be accepted if received in email or written form from customer. This amount is not refundable.

If an order is canceled any art charges incurred prior to the date of cancellation will be billed at $175.00 per hour and will be due immediately upon receipt of invoice.



  1. Find the search in the upper right corner of the Vision-Strike-Wear.Com homepage.
  2. Type in what you are looking for. eg: Rank and Rate Shirts
  3. Find your design on 1 of several product types fromMilitary ShirtsMade in America.  Including Army Shirts, Navy Shirts, USAF Shirts, USMC Shirts and USCG Shirts!
  4. All Custom Military Designs and graphics available on decalschallenge coinsplaques, posters, coffee mugs and steins, license plates, patches and gifts.
  5. Each product type has its own set of custom options to select from. Below are options associated with the ordering of custom military apparel and clothing and serve as examples of the options available on your product page.



Product Type
Choose from different apparel types and options.

Pick your item size. Be sure to reference the size charts found to the right of the TITLE SIZE title labeled Apparel Size Charts for proper fitting.

Select your color.

Design Placement
Choose from a variety of print locations such as full front, full back, full front, and full back, small left chest and small left chest with full back.


Enjoy the most unique purchasing experience with the Battle Rattle military designs featured at These eye-catching designs update on your order screen as you select from a variety of options making each one truly unique. The most custom military design experience in the industry.



Left Chest Design
Pick from the many options available for your left chest graphic. Designs available for all military branches. 

Upper Sleeve Art Have a custom military graphic printed on your upper sleeves!

Lower Sleeve Art Custom lower sleeve art printed with your custom design on all long sleeve shirts and hoodies.

Full Sleeve Art Select from a variety of military designs created for your full sleeve print locations. From shoulder to wrist.

Back Design Text
Type in your custom text and have it custom printed below your selected military back design.

Front Design Text
Type in your custom text and have it custom printed below your selected military front design.


Web Orders And Lead Times

  1. Orders placed on our website to include but not exclusive to apparel, shirts, hoodies, jackets, ball caps, plaques, decals, posters, license plate covers, drinkware, statues or other military gift item are considered website sales oriented. If an item that is ordered requests additional customization, for example, a personalized text drop that is considered a semi-custom order.
  2. We strive to provide the very best quality and services when it comes to the original military art, design and printing we offer. Because each of the products are produced on-demand we have specific lead times that allow us to best serve all our customers with their unique semi-custom or custom design requests. Due to the demand for our services our production schedule can and does fluctuate. We provide approximate lead and print times to serve as a guide. We do request your flexibility but please note it is our goal to provide the best services for the products and services we provide. If you have a special date or anniversary or a deadline that needs to be achieved please let us know in writing as soon as possible and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.

Lead Times (Please use this as a guide) All days are referred to as business days. Please exclude weekends and holidays. Orders placed after 12pm PST are treated as orders placed the following business day.

Challenge Coins- 1-2 Days if in inventory. Orders that are incomplete are to be fulfilled once all items are in the order are ready to ship unless per request by the customer.

Shirts & Hoodies – 3-5 Days (but will typically go out in 1-3 days)

Decals –  3-5 Days (but will typically go out in 1-3 days)

Steins/Mugs – 3-5 Days (but will typically go out in 1-3 days)

Embroidery – 5-7 Days

New/Back Patches- 14 Days


Back Orders

  1. These are military designs whether coins or apparel items that are first seen on our website so our customers can get them early and get on the list right away!
  2. They are not in stock yet (in production with various lead times until completion) but will be arriving soon and we will fire them out the door the minute they arrive. You can order early and get them and be the first person on the block with the newest military designs we offer. Pre-orders are not refundable and non-cancellable. When you place your pre-order you are reserving that item. The reason for this is that our production and associated costs to custom make an item from an apparel item to a challenge coin is based on the number of orders placed for it. A refund or cancellation of an item can severely increase the cost of manufacturing and impact all orders placed by all customers for that item.
  3. Back-ordered items such as challenge coins are defined as in production at the time of order placement. When you place an order for a back-ordered challenge coin you are accepting the terms of conditions that the coin is being made, that you understand it is a non-cancellable item and that the lead time to produce the coin could several weeks to several months for its completion. We, of course, want the very best for our customers and we will not sacrifice quality for speed ensuring your order is fulfilled with only the finest military products and gift items in the industry.


Order returns


  1. Orders placed for all items with the exception of challenge coins can be returned if they meet all of the following conditions:
  2. The item has not been worn, washed or used and does not have any wear associated with use.
  3. Has experienced a material defect such as a tear, incorrectly labeled size, or color issue associated with its original manufacturing.
  4. Challenge coins are non-returnable.
  5. Items that have experienced a misprint can be returned for replacement or store credit. Incorrectly ordered sizes are the responsibility of our customers and cannot be returned.
  6. Any items that qualify for a return must have a photo submitted to our offices for review prior to replacement or store credit.



Custom Orders – A custom order is defined as any request in writing whereby our customer has requested the creation of artwork, the printing of shirts or order placement of custom challenge coins. This includes but is not limited to any art development, any associated setup costs to include but not limited to molds and dies, screens and films and any product or service required to produce the custom items.

  1. Custom orders can be placed at any time. When a custom order is canceled it can and will incur costs associated with its preparation and development and any costs incurred by us will be billed and charged to our customers. If any prepayment for a custom job has occurred a paid invoice showing what costs have been incurred and paid for will be provided. Any refunds owed for costs not incurred will be refunded to our customer.
  2. Artwork – A cancellation of a custom job that has had artwork performed will be billed and charged for the work incurred. We bill at a rate of 175.00/hour. The cost and number of hours will be determined at the time of written cancellation and provided in a paid invoice to the customer.
  3. Set up – Any tooling, molds, dies, screens, films, blank apparel items or set up costs that have been ordered and costs incurred by the company prior to the cancellation of a custom job will incur a restocking and shipping cost. These costs will be charged and billed for at the time of cancellation.
  4. Cancellation of a custom job after production and printing is completed is considered non-canceled and will be billed and charged for in full.
  5. Any issues arising from an incorrect mailing address provided by the customer and any additional shipping and handling costs incurred by the company will be billed and charged to its customer.
  6. Lost or stolen merchandise is not the responsibility of our company. If insurance is requested for the custom job a price quote for insurance will be provided. If insurance is declined then all responsibility of delivery is waived by the customer and accepted in full by the customer.
  7. Duration of completion is not guaranteed due to the nature of custom creation. Quotes provided with estimated production and or delivery are estimates. They are to be used as guides only and are non-binding to the company.
  8. Art acceptance and proofing – it is the responsibility of our customers to review in its entirety any art proof provided by our company. Approval provided by our customers is their acceptance of the artwork and any subsequent printing. If any discrepancy arises as a result of the printing being inconsistent with the art proof in the case of a misspelled word or sentence or art that was printed that is inconsistent with the art proof that was signed off on it will be replaced in full by the company. Any issues associated with the printing after it is determined it has been correctly printed is the responsibility of the customer and a reprint will occur at the expense of the customer.
  9. Transit – a USPS tracking number will be provided when the custom job has been printed and shipped. Unless specified or requested to use another carrier or service, USPS will be the method of shipment.