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US Navy Chief Goatlocker Coin


Goatlocker Approved!

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US Navy Chief Goatlocker Coin brings together numerous US Navy Chief elements in a single coin design. The Goatlocker Tavern is a parody on the Chief Messes that can be found throughout the US Navy with its centuries of experience. This tavern opened on September 1st, 1893 (the birthday of the US Navy Chiefs) with an antique old saloon look adorned with goat skull, Chief’s cover, fouled anchor, sharks, crossed cutlasses and the words “No Better Friend No Worse Enemy”. This vibrantly colored US Navy coin is 2 inches in size, has a 3D look and a 4mm thick depth and is cast with dual toned silver and gold metal accents.

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com has been designing and producing military coins for all branches of the US Military with cutting edge designs like Army Challenge CoinsUS Navy Military Challenge CoinsUSMC Challenge CoinsUSAF Challenge Coins and USCG Challenge Coins. First responders also enjoy the style of the police coins and firefighter coins designed by us. Why not experience magnum coins where size does matter and challenge coins exceed 2 inches in diameter that hold even more details for our US military on active duty, Veterans and military prior service. Take it one step further and have your personal information engraved by our engraving experts and place 80 characters of your personal information and details onto your custom engraved challenge coin making it truly one of a kind.




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