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US Navy Chief Air Warfare 3 Inch Magnum Coin



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The US Navy Chief Air Warfare 3 Inch Magnum Coin displays the time honored look and feel of a USN challenge coin with original and highly detailed military coin elements. These US Navy Chief coins display the look and feel of the Goat Locker with a Navy Goat with crossed arms and air warfare insignia. Four placards on this coin read Deckplate Certified, Chief Petty Officer, April 1st, 1893 and Goat Locker approved. The US Navy Chiefs of the United States Navy are her backbone and these coins were exclusively designed for them. The coin reverse has the Navy Chief trifecta with the 3 fouled anchors of the US Navy Chief with Chief Petty Officer, Senior Chief Petty Officer and Master Chief Petty Officer.

This US Navy Chief Air Warfare 3 Inch Magnum Coin is larger than the more traditional 2 inch coins seen in the industry and has more detail and definition than coins of this of this nature. Offered with dual tone antique gold and silver accents, cut from a 4mm depth and offered in a 3D look that is unmatched in the marketplace.




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