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Frost Call

Our Artist – Frost Call
Though he has not personally served in the military, he humbly reached the rank of Eagle Scout as a youth.  As a kid and well into adulthood, he grew up in the company of military heroes who have shared their stories of sacrifice, insights, memorabilia and instilled in him an immeasurable respect for the fighting men and women of this great country.
His family’s lineage dates back to the 2nd Mayflower’s voyage to the new world that we now know as the United States of America. His heritage includes a share of Iroquois Indian blood and extensive history of defending freedom that begins with the French-Indian War and includes every call-to-arms to date. 
He has a great appreciation for all of the efforts his family has contributed to the military which has resulted in allowing all Americans, himself included, the opportunity to attend college, care for our families, and strive for our American Dream. 
Needless to say, he was drawn to create military designs and has been doing so for over 25 years. We at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com are lucky to have him on board creating amazing, unique and dare we say, “bad-ass” designs.

We asked Frost Call to share his family’s military lineage with us. Below is list of his ancestors both past and present, who have served.

Military Service on Frost Call’s mother’s side include:

Beginning with his Great Grandfather, Paul Jerome Denning, served in the Army with the 28th Division 112th Infantry, American Expeditionary Force during World War I. 

His Grandfather, David Foyle England, served in the 1st Marine Division in Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester and Peleliu in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater during World War II.

Military Service on Frost Call’s father’s side include:

His father, Donald Raymond Frost, served in the Navy as an Aviation Machinists Mate, 2nd Class from 1966 to 1970. His service with the Patrol Squadron 44 took him to the North Atlantic Ocean, Norwegian, and North Sea during the Cold War against the Soviet Union.
Frost family:

His Uncle, Dan Ernest Frost (his father’s brother), who served in the 1st Air Cavalry as an Army Specialist Five during the Vietnam war.

His Grandfather, Ernest Raymond Frost (on his father’s side), who served with the 3rd Division “Cotton Balers” 7th Army European Theater during World War II from Naples, Battle of the Bulge, The Rhine, Colmar Pocket Campaign and Strasbourg, Germany.

Lineage from Frost Calls’ Grandmother, Musette Cobb Frost, wife of Ernest R. Frost:

His Great Uncle, Donald C. Cobb, (his Grandmother Musette’s Brother) was killed in action near the French/Belgium border in 1944.
His Great Uncle, Morris Cobb, (his Grandmother Musette’s Younger Brother) served in the Air Force as Airman Second Class.

Frost Call’s family lineage dates back to the War of 1812, Revolutionary and French Indian Wars.

Below is a copy of the original Calvary Certification issued for Samuel Richey, a family lineage linked through Frost Call’s Grandmother, Musette (Cobb) Frost’s family. 
It states the date of enlistment and specific wars that Samuel Richey participated in during the Civil War from 1864 to 1865. 
In addition, it is noted that Samuel Richey’s Great Grandfather Richey served under Captain George Washington during both the French Indian Wars (1754 to 1763) and the Revolutionary War (1775 to 1783). 

Samuel Richey’s Grandfather also served as Captain in the War of 1812. 
Samuel’s brother, Benjamin Richey served for a term of three years in the Civil War under served in COC Reg. 115th Ohio Infantry

Andrew Gardner, Great grandfather of Mrs. Richey, Samuel Richey’s wife, served as Captain of Morgan Riflemen, which served as General Washington’s Body Guard.
Frost Call’s Grandmother, Musette Cobb Frost, is a descendant of Samuel Richey by way of his youngest daughter, Blanche, his Great Grandmother.

Richey Muster Sheet

Below is a closer look at the text inscribed in the above document: 

Enlisted from Alleheny County, State of Pennsylvania, September 9, 1864 and was mustered into the United States Service at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a Private to server for a term of one year or spring during the war under Captain Guy Bryan and Col. T.F. Rodenbaughm.  Company A 18th Regiment Pennsylvania Voluntary Calvary.
The Regiment was attached to Calvary Brigade Army of the Shenandoah and Comrade Richey participated in the following engagements:* Battle of Opequon Winchester, September 19, 1864 near to Cedarville September 20th, * Frank Royal September 21st, * Fishers Hill September 22nd, * Milford September 22nd, * Waynesboro September, Near Brock Gap October 6th, * Toms Brook October 8th & 9th, 1864, * Cedar Creek November 11th, Newton November 12th, * Mount Jackson November 22, 1864, * Expedition to Lacy Springs December 19th to 22nd, * Duty Winchester till May 1865, * Scout to Edenburg March 17th to 19th, 1865 
The regiment was on duty at Cumberland, Maryland till June 1865. He was honorably discharged June 13th, 1865 at Cumberland, Maryland by reason of close of war.

Memo of Gen. Griffin, Post G.H.R.  No. 207, Homestead, Pennsylvania. Samuel Richey, Great grandfather of Comrade Richey served during Revolutionary War also in French and Indian Wars under Captain George Washington. Samuel Richey, Grandfather of Comrade Richey, served as Captain in the War of 1812 with distinction.
Samuel, father of Comrade Richey, enlisted in COC 24th Ohio Infantry and re-enlisted as a veteran for three years. 
Benjamin, brother, served in COC Reg. 115th Ohio Infantry and served for a term of three years. 
Andrew Gardner, Great grandfather of Mrs. Richey, served in Revolutionary War, as Captain of Morgan’s Riflemen, which served as General Washington’s body guard.
Presented by Comrade Richey to his wife Ella and children: James, Samuel, Ella, George, Stella and Blanche (Frost Call’s great grandmother).

We were certainly amazed at how well Frost Call has maintained a close tie to his family’s impressive military lineage dating so far back in American history. 
Numerous video interviews of Ernest Raymond Frost are available on our site. Listen to his first-hand accounts of his military experience during World War II.